Momentos altos da tua estadia


A pedido, fotos e vídeos dos momentos altos na tua estadia na Quintinha dos Cães poderão ser disponibilizados.

tana&kiwi_surf DSC_0046

Highlights of your stay

A file with photos/videos of the highlights of your stay with us at Quintinha dos Caes is also available upon request.


One thought on “Momentos altos da tua estadia

  1. Sara Mautino

    Zumie whispered in my ear that she had a looooot of fun and that she spent here the best holidays of her life, that she loved swimming in the river with friends, running with the dog Magnum at the beach, playing to the fight with Lea and jumping here and there in the magic woods in Serra da Sintra (I guess she might also be in love with Magnum, but shhtt…, it’s a secret between us)

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