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DSC_0305  zumie

A tua familia humana vai de férias?
… e vai ser Fantástico!

No coração da Serra de Sintra, rodeado de todo espaço para correr, saltar, rebolar, perseguir tudo que se mexa e ladrar tanto quanto o coração quiser, escavar buracos, dormitar debaixo das árvores, apanhar banhos de sol ou relaxar fazendo absolutamente nada!

A Quintihha dos Cães também no Facebook e Canal YouTube

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HORÁRIO / SCHEDULE: 9:30 – 16:00

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Is your human family going away on vacation?
… you are in for the time of your life!

In the heart of the Serra de Sintra, surrounded by plenty of space to run, jump, roll around in the dirt, chase anything that moves and bark to your heart’s content, dig holes, take naps under the trees, bask in the sun or relax doing nothing at all!

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6 thoughts on “Benvind@ / Welcome

  1. Susanna Cole

    Hi Luis and Maika, I love your site, i will share it on my facebook page, see you soon susanna (Quinta Beira-Mar)

  2. Sara Mautino &: cadela Zumie, gato Teddy, gata Margherita

    A Zumie voltou depois uma semana na Quintinha dos Caes muito feliz, caliminha e obediente. Obrigada a Maica, Luis e a sabia cadela Lea!
    Recomendo a Quintinha dos Cares , com certeza!

  3. Agnes

    Thank you so much for all you do, we feel so much better now knowing that Frisbee has a good place to go to when we are away! 🙂 Happy New Year and good luck!!!

  4. jonathan hutchison

    I just picked up my dog from his first visit, and can say he will absolutely be a return customer! I am thrilled to have found Maica and Luis. It’s clear both of them are enchanted by dogs, and it’s equally obvious my dog had a fantastic time playing, exploring, being part of a proper pack, and enjoying their property’s scents. I often feel guilty when I have to leave my dog, but my guilt during this trip was far less, as I knew (and Maica and Luis’ thoughtful videos confirmed), my Otis was having a little vacation himself. Thank you for everything, including meeting me at the train station. I’m elated and we’ll be back!

  5. Susana Baeta

    A Petra, nunca ficou separada dos donos, já foi 3 vezes passar o dia com a Maica e o Luís para se habituar a uma futura estadia mais longa. Tem passeado na Serra, brinca imenso e vem estoirada, acho que ela vai passar melhor que os donos nas ferias :). Muito obrigado pelo cuidado quem têm com a Petra.
    Susana Baeta, Sintra

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